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Thread: prom upgrade w/ extreme

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    Question prom upgrade w/ extreme

    Is the prom that is included with the extreme software 2.0 or 2.5?

    I have a t-60 that already has 2.5 on it and want to know if this will work or if I need to do the prom upgrade myself.

    I want to use the extreme on it, then put my image back on it and do the upgrades after that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    >>Is the prom that is included with the extreme software 2.0 or 2.5?<

    From the read-me...

    ** v2.5Xtreme is a self-upgrader from v2.0 -> 2.5
    ---- This means that it is 'universal' and will install on all units regardless of current version and serial#. This also means there's no need to spend hours clearing the unit after installation to be able to record.

    ** v2.5Xtreme *automatically* upgrades your prom
    ---- There's no need for you to hassle with upgrading your prom to the BubbaJ "speedstart" version yourself, as this version will do it for you automatically! This means you *don't* have to hack your current software first just to obtain a Bash prompt and upgrade the unit's prom code just to then overwrite the hack with new software.

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