Newbie question: Is there a way to obtain the following DB information from the TiVo BASH command line or do I need to get TiVoNet and TiVoWeb working?

Many TIA for anyone who can help.

Post from previous reply:

There's gotta be someone out there that knows MFS and TCL enough to help me with this... I got my tivonet installed and did some looking around at the MFS data via tivoweb 1.9.3.

The data I think I need to change is in the "Station" object, found by looking at the MFS browser, selecting StationTms, and then the appropriate station object (found by looking at the channel view and paying attention to the link)

I get something that looks like this:
Station 2435/12 {
ServerVersion = 14
TmsId = 16315
Country = U.S.A.
Affiliation = {(AO) Pay-Per-View}
DmaNum = 0
City = Boulder
State = CO
ZipCode = 80302
AffiliationIndex = 57
PayPerView = 1
LogoIndex = 65536
Name = {name omitted :-)}
(attribute 0x50023 not in schema)
ServerId = 2312
Version = 1
IndexPath = /StationTms/16315:983 /Server/2312