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Thread: OZ: Tivo Automatic Extended Recordings

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    OZ: Tivo Automatic Extended Recordings

    Hi All,

    I was curious where the stock TiVo stores the logs for recording information. In particular the Australian TiVo's had a endpad style functionality added late last year. This basically added a few minutes to each recording (if there was nothing scheduled after) the number of minutes added was different depending on the channel.

    Since about June TiVo Australia removed this feature. Many people have complained since as to why this was removed but have been met with complete silence from TiVo Australia (Hybrid)

    I was just curious if there was a way to monitor the stock TiVo recording and scheduling logs. Where would I start to look for this information?

    I have installed endpadplus on my TiVo but I think it doesn't work with Australia as I still get the end of shows cutoff even when I run endpadplus with the following settings.

    /hack/endpadplus/endpadplus.tcl 2 13 -nob2b -auto &

    If someone can point me in the right direction I will dig deeper

    Edit: I know where the endpadplus logs are I was more interested in the TiVo scheduling and where the settings might be for TiVo's built in extended recording.
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