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Thread: Unsuccessful 20.2 update semi-hosed my Series 4/Premiere

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    Unsuccessful 20.2 update semi-hosed my Series 4/Premiere

    Here’s a summary of my situation:
    - My unit is a 15 month-old TiVo Premiere with a lifetime subscription.
    - The month I purchased it, I used JFMS Live to replace the original WD 350GB drive with a WD Caviar Black 2TB drive.
    - I labeled the original 350GB drive and stored it away safely.
    - The 2TB Premiere has been working successfully ever since, until…
    - TiVo recently pushed out a major software version update – v.20.2
    - My TiVo downloaded the 20.2 update, but has not been able to install it successfully (possibly a corrupt update file due to a UPS battery failure) As a result, I am still on version 14.9. Many forced connections and reboots have not solved the problem.

    The TiVo is still working OK, albeit in a limited way. Basic functionality items (scheduling, program recording, etc.) do work. Stored programs are fine.

    However, I do have these problems:
    - Only SD menus are functional. TiVo HD menu functionality is completely disabled. HD menu choice in “Displays” is missing.
    - Almost no network functionality is enabled. No Video on Demand. No Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster or YouTube. No swivel-search. No Games. No ability to see my TiVo Desktop PC/server on the local network (so traditional TiVo Desktop program backup method is not available).
    - TV schedule updates somehow work just fine. Also still working for some reason is my TiVo Android app(!) That said, the app sees the TiVo under its original name, not the “friendly” name under which I registered it.

    Here is what I’ve done:
    - I put the original TiVo drive back into the unit temporarily to see if would update its software to 20.2. It did, with no problems. It took 30 – 45 min. to complete, since it was a few versions behind.

    Here are a few possible ideas:

    Method 1: Back up the recorded programs somehow (I have no idea how to do this with networking disabled, so this is an area where I could use some advice). Then, format the 2TB drive and use the old 350GB drive – already updated to 20.2 – as a template for another JFMS copy/expansion. Afterward, restore the programs from backup (again, I am not sure how to accomplish this).

    Method 2: Using some sort of TiVo-modified Linux Boot CD with the 2TB drive plugged into a PC, browse the drive and clear the 20.2 update file/partition. Finally, put the 2TB drive back into the TiVo and force an update. The TiVo should then re-download the 20.2 update and apply it. (This method is somewhat risky, so a program data backup before the main procedure would be wise. Again, however, I don’t know how to accomplish that.)

    Method 3: Do nothing. Wait until software v. 21.x is pushed out in late April or early May. Hope that the TiVo can update to that version directly, or that it will cause a re-download of 20.2 as part of the procedure.

    I know that’s a lot to read, but I figured it would cut down on the back-and-forth if I just put out all the info I have.

    I would appreciate any wisdom and insight you’d be willing to offer.


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    Hard to say what is going wrong without seeing the logs after a failed upgrade (log subdirectory in the 9th partition).

    If you don't have cci protection to worry about, then 1) seems like a reasonable approach, although it is always possible that whatever caused this failure will happen again the next time the 2TB drive is upgrade. You can use any of several tools (tivodesktop, kmttg, pytivo, ...) to extract video from the old system to a PC, and reinserting it in the new system after reimaging. You'll need a 2TB spare disk to hold all the video on the PC side.

    I don't know of any existing tools that will accomplish method 2, although I think in principle the idea is sound. You'd basically need to purge the bad slices (assuming that's what the problem is) from /SwSystem and maybe /SwModule. You'd have to write your own tools to do this, because I don't think any tools existing that can do this on the PC side.

    No guarantee that method 3 will work, but if you have the patience, you could give it a try.

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    I believe there's a kick start code that will take you back to the previous OS. You might give that a try.

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    Noo Hampsha
    You can't do that.

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