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Thread: Extending MFS-Tools For the TiVo Premiere (Development Thread)

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    Extending MFS-Tools For the TiVo Premiere (Development Thread)

    In developing software version 14, TiVo made two changes that broke compatibility with the existing MFS-Tools used to backup, restore, and expand tivo drives. TiVo switched from IDE to SCSI device driver to support SATA and they added a 14th partition to house the new SQLite datebase.

    Tiger released the source for MFS-Tools under GPLv2, and it can be found both on sourceforge as well as mfslive. Spike, the author of WinMFS has not released WinMFS's source code under any public license, hence it's not discussed here.

    In the absence of futher development and to augment those experimenting with with the JMFS tool developed by comer (see this post on TCF: link and this post on MFSLive: link ), attached to this post are crude patches against the source code to the executables included with the 1.4 MFSLive Bootdisk. In addition, I've included precompiled executables including these changes. Support requests for those executable should be posted in this thread here, as this thread is meant for discussion on further development beyond these patches.

    Some notes about the patches
    1. Changed /dev/hdax to /dev/sdax (these changes break compatibility with all earlier drives--i.e., those with 2.4.20 kernels).
    2. No changes to allow backup/restore to properly handle the SQLite partition (partition 14).
    3. Changed mfsadd to remove partition expansion limits (for expansion).
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