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Thread: Dusting off old UTV

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    Dusting off old UTV

    Hi All,

    I have an old RCA DWD490RE. I've been reading through the forums and see that there isn't anyway to extract video to a PC as of yet. But, I'm wondering if it's possible that I can call DTV and have them activate this old receiver just to play the old recordings (have a show I was on) to output to DVD recorder?

    Does DTV still support UTV (which after many years of Tivo and other PVR's I still miss and think was the best platform IMO)?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: And no...before someone asks...I wasn't on "COPS"
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    no...they no longer support utv but i have had it activated for years and my package that I still have had utv included so on my bill it says 9.95 for utv service and the -9.95 at the bottom for utv refund. Not sure if that helps other than letting you know you still can have utv.

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    Thanks Melon, appreciate the feedback!

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