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Thread: Interfacing with LR16-300

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    Interfacing with LR16-300

    Hey everyone, I'm new. I have an LR16-300 which is an SD Directv DVR, I want to interface with it via the USB ports. I was told I could do this with a program called HyperVRE-Pro. When I google it, I can only find it on scam sites, anybody know where I can get it, or a program that has similar functions?

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    If people are confused with the reference I believe the LR16-300 is pretty much the same thing as the R16-300. I'm pretty sure the L just states it is meant for the Latin Amercan Market... can anyone point me in th right direction please?

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    I found this post on Yahoo Answers. Don't know if this is what you need.

    "I transfer video from my TiVo with DVD Xpress.

    With DVD Xpress you can transfer your video to your hard drive and then edit it if you desire. DVD Xpress comes with basic video editing software. I got mine at Sam's for $59.95. They are cheaper now. You can look at one & read about it here -

    I saw a newer model at WalMart recently. It was the DVD Xpress2. I can’t remember what it cost.

    You connect the composite output of your DVR into the DVD Xpress and connect the DVD Xpress to your computer via a USB cable."
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