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Thread: TiVo hacking in the Toronto area??

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    19 TiVo hacking in the Toronto area??

    Does anyone know of someone that can hack my TiVo for the lifetime sub as I live in Canada and TiVo is not available to me?? I live in the Toronto area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    This board is not for referrals to commercial TiVo hacking, it's for helping do-it-yourself'ers. You can do it.
    • For v2.5Xtreme, checklist:
    • The file is 159MB, Do you only have a dialup internet connection to download? If yes, not recommeded.
    • Do you have a CD burner? If no, you need one to burn the boot CD.
    • Does your PC allow booting from CD? If no, you can't run.
    • Are you comfortable with opening the DTiVo and your PC and are you familiar with hard drives (jumpers, primary/secondary/master/slave IDE channels)?
    • You need to make or buy a serial cable to connect from PC to DTiVo.
    • You need #10 and #15 Torx screwdrivers

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    You guy are too funny. Actually, I have finally got me unit up and running ( Thanx SnOOc !). Now me and the wife can have some sleep!. When you stop and think about it, it really does seem easy, but I need to try some more things before I become comfortble with the whole thing.

    I would reccommend doing it yourself if you can.


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