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Thread: OZ: TiVo software pending update forcing nightly reboot

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    OZ: TiVo software pending update forcing nightly reboot

    Hi All,

    Software version 11.3b4 has just been released in Australia however those of us with modded TiVo's are noticing some odd behaviour. In particular those of us who dont want the update applied yet.

    We have all the software update blocks in place
    1) Commented out the reboot line in /tvbin/installSw.itcl
    2) upgradesoftware=false on the bootpage

    However every night the TiVo goes ahead and reboots itself just after the daily call.

    I have searched through all .itcl files on the tivo and none of them apart frrom install.itcl contains a reboot line.

    Anyone have any idea why we are getting reboots nightly?
    Can TiVo send a reboot command remotely?

    Edit: If this is any help. I was looking at the System Information (Backdoors enabled) the Last Status = Pending Restart
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