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Thread: TiVo from Costco - Possible to use w/o subscription?

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    TiVo from Costco - Possible to use w/o subscription?

    Greetigs Y'all,
    I've been looking for a replacement to my Philips DVR. Came across a TiVo Premiere unit at Costco. It requires a subscription. Can it be 'modded' for use as a basic HD-DVR? I don't need any fancy TiVo functionality.

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    No. There's currently no public way to hack the TiVo Premier. Even if there was, this site does not condone manually activating features on the TiVo without paying the subscription fee.

    Without a subscription, you can only pause, rewind, ff Live TV. You won't get any programming info and you can't record anything.

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