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Thread: Tivo Series 3 HD With Cable Card Question???

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    Tivo Series 3 HD With Cable Card Question???

    I have 2 other tivos. I just bought a Tivo Series3 HD and it came with a cable card in it that is from cablevision(the guy that sold it left it in). They are my provider. I wanted to use this as a tuner to get all my subscribed station-not just basic.
    I would rather not have to pay $9.95 a month for a year. Is there any way of using this Tivo as a tuner to get all the stations besides basic? Looks like I have a free cable card as well.

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    Don't be surprised if the guy that sold you the TiVo comes looking for the CableCARD (Cablevision is gonna want it back from him).

    Which $9.95 are you talking about? CableCARDs from Cablevision (Assuming you're talking about NY/NJ's Cablevision) are $1.50 or $2.50 depending on where you live.

    Generally, Cablevision will not activate consumer owned/stolen TV equipment. You'll have to rent a card directly from CV if you want access to more than broadcast basic (again, assuming NY/NJ).

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