Well, this is another fine mess I've gotten myself into.

I have a TiVo HD with Lifetime that works in all respects, except I had to replace the cablecard and ended up with two horribly bent pins in slot 1. I blame the tech, but that's a moot point now.

So I carefully disassembled it, practically to the molecular level, to get good clear access to the pins. I was able to straighten one but the second was too far gone and it snapped, despite my extreme caution.

So now I'm stuck with a box that functions fine except for the cablecard, so no digital channels, no HD, no pay, just crappy analog.

I don't consider this an end-of-life situation, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix this. I can still get the recordings off of it, so if it wasn't for the lifetime, I'd just replace it.

I might be able to find the PCMCIA slot hardware and replace it, but that's a whole lot of meticulous soldering I'd like to avoid. I haven't figured out yet if just the bad pin can be replaced, I'm still looking at that.

If I could figure a way to get slot 1 working at the expense of slot 2, I'm okay with that.

Failing these, I'm not adverse to picking up another HD and swapping TSNs, although I'm not sure exactly how that is accomplished on the HD (doesn't seem to be a chip like in the old days). But still some soldering.

Any comments or suggestions? Ideas about fixing the pin itself, or solutions I'm missing? Anyone know of a service (Weaknees?) that will do the repair at a price that makes sense? Thanks in advance!