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Thread: send email from command line

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    send email from command line

    This is a script for sending simple emails from the command line. It accepts a short message, text file attachment, or both, and should work on pretty much any Tivo.
    It requires the following libraries:
    tcllib-mime (available at
    tcllib-smtp (available at

    Download and untar MIME and SMTP libraries.
    Copy mime and smtpd folders to /tvlib/tcl on your system.
    Set defaults in smtpmail script. Makes sense to prepopulate 'server' and 'from'.
    Copy smtpmail to a location on your path. Use and enjoy.

    Type smtpmail --help for options.

    -r, --recipient
    -s, --subject "Subject text"
    -b, --body "Body of message"
    -v, --server smtp server name
    -f, --from
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