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    Current "how to"

    Okay so I am not a complete n00b as I have replaced my HD (a long long time ago) and replaced the fuse on my MB (also long ago). I have a (software) stock Series 2 TiVo(240) 9.3.2b. I am hoping to add/upgrade network drivers to improve transfer performance. I am also interested in streaming with xbmc or the like. Does anyone have a link to a modern (9.3.2b) how to guide? All I can seem to find is directions for OS ver 7.2 and older. Several of these posts are very old probably cause most of you have upgraded to something better than a series 2, but hey mine is a lifetime model.

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    Do you mean that you replaced a fuse on your computer's motherboard, your Tivo's motherboard, or your TiVo's power supply?

    When you say you want to improve transfer performance, transferring what from what to what? Wired or wireless?
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