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Thread: TiVo Premiere stuck in boot loop after HULU s/w push

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    Unhappy TiVo Premiere stuck in boot loop after HULU s/w push


    We have a Series 4 (Premiere) not-XL box. Was working great, then recently we got the HULU upgrade. Since then we were getting "stuck in the Tivo menu" syndrome for a few days. We'd power cycle, and the box would come up again, apparently none the worse for wear.

    Now the thing is stuck in a boot loop... it sits in "Almost There" for quite a while, then goes back to "Powering Up..." followed by "Almost There"... etc.

    I strongly suspect that the Tivo software bricked my unit (with respect to getting anywhere near the Tivo HD on-screen menu). They say "oh no, not possible for our software Upgrades to brick your box."

    Cough! Cough! (BS I say). I'm a geek, but it's been years since I played with Linux (v2.4.x was current at the time), and I've read through some of the Series 4 development threads. So, for Tivo hacking, a noob. For other hacking, well, not so much -- 35+ yrs.

    What I'd really like to do is figure out what the devil is tripping up the boot sequence. Is it possible to look at boot logs if I can move the hard drive to a PC? How do I do it? Is it possible to just look at the boot sequence logging via the serial port? It seems like folks were saying you can type "boot [param-string-in-double-quotes]" at the PROM monitor prompt (after sending some Ctrl-C's @ 115.2K)... and get boot log messages out via the serial port without needing to remove the hard drive, get it mounted somehow in a Linux environment, and find the log file.

    I am steamed at these things breaking so quickly... is anyone else having this problem?

    Can someone guide me to the quickest way to examine the boot sequence logs and/or any other good diagnostics?

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