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Thread: Soldered PROM into TiVo HD; fans come on, but no 'post'

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    Soldered PROM into TiVo HD; fans come on, but no 'post'

    Been spending quite a bit of time reading threads/working on the software end with the hard drive connected to my PC and went through all of the necessary steps (had quite a bit of help with this :P )

    anyways, I put the chip I purchased from omnikron back into the Tivo HD post. Fans whir, lights come on the front dash turn on very briefly when it's first plugged in, and then turn off. No video out. Nothing

    Put the original PROM back in, nothing. Swapped in an untouched HD from a second Tivo HD, nothing. (Fans continue to whir and the unit is 'on', but no video signal. Plugging an ethernet cord into the jack yields no blinking lights either, just a solid green/yellow)

    Here's an image of my soldering work -

    any ideas? I'm getting my second Tivo HD back from Omnikron later next week, so I can always take a look and his soldering to see how it compares but...I'm pretty sure my soldering should do the job.

    anything I'm missing here?

    *edit - also, is it possible to swap a Cablecard between two Tivos of the same model?
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