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Thread: largest usable hard drive in a Series2

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    The drive has been filling nicely. I've lost all known means of measuring used space. The system info screen doesn't work anymore (It wouldn't have given space used anyway, just total). The info button on TWP crashes at the bottom of the page before displaying. A fairly recent hack, RemoteInfo, which lists total, free, and used space in an item at the top of the NPL list, crashes out with an error. I thought my only way to monitor available space was by looking at the number of suggestions and deleted items, until I started filling the drive with tyftpd.

    (I'm having trouble embedding the image. Somethings changed on the board since I did this last). The directory list on FlashFXP totals the size of the listings, and gives me a convenient indicator of the space usage on the drive. After consolidating recordings from all other tivos in the house, I've used 1.2TB. It's still working pretty good. The only reboots in the last week were either intentional (managing hacks), or explained (attempted tyftpd transfer of encrypted and/or damaged recordings).

    Now to move this disk to the HR10, fill it the rest of the way with OTA HD, and see how it runs with a full 2TB disk. But first, to make a backup copy...ugh...takes so long to copy 2TB drives

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