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Thread: 2T hard drive in a hacked S3 TiVo

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    2T hard drive in a hacked S3 TiVo

    In the past I have chosen not to upgrade my S3 TiVo from a 1T internal + 1T external drive, but two things are fast aproaching that are leading me to eventually reconsider.

    The first is that upgrades to the S3 platform are going to be slowing down and eventually stopping altogether. Although my S3 is already hacked, it was always possible TiVo might do something that caused the drive to become incompatible with the hacked kernel. With the other hacks, this would merely mean the hacks quit working, but with the hard drive hack, it might mean the loss of everything, or at least all the videos. Although admittedly unlikely, the likelihood, tiny in the first place, is dwindling fast. At some point, rather than neutering the kernel every time a new software update gets pushed, I will simply use Jamie's custom kernel to run the TiVo.

    The second impediment is I upgraded my TiVo from 1T to 2T before the unit was hacked, so a number of videos still on the external drive cannot be copied off to the server. Divorcing the external drive in order to implement an upgrade would lose those recordings. As time has passed, however, the shows recorded after the second hard drive was attached have been re-broadcast one at a time, so that the number remaining that may be on the second hard drive is falling to the point where I would consider just risking the loss of the remaining ones.

    So what is required to implement a 2T drive on an original S3? Obviously, I need Jamie's custom Gen05 kernel, but then is it as easy as copying the data to the 2T hard drive, installing the Gen05 kernel, running WinMFS 9.3, and answering, "No" when it asks if the user wishes to limit the drive size to 1TB?
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