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    Tivo Hacking

    Hello everyone, I'm rather new at this, so please bear with me.
    I bought a Tivo series 4 thinking that I could freely transfer any movie or program that I record to my computer. Well, the guys at Tivo never mentioned to me that this was not possible! I thought I had done enough research online, but I guess I did not!

    Anyways, so I'm trying to make the best of things. I've heard that there is a way to hack into your tivo by modifying the "prom" chip inside of your Tivo, is this correct? or have I just misunderstood the forums that I have been reading? Other than the "prom" modification, is there anyway to get around this issue?

    So, to recap on what my question is, will the "prom" modification allow me to transfer all of my recordings from my Tivo to my computer?

    Thanks for your time and I apologize if this type of question has already been posted and answered.


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