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Thread: free coffee mate

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    Jeamme Guest

    29 free coffee mate

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    Jeamme Guest
    heres the e-mail i got

    Hello jeamme,

    This is confirmation that we received your KGO-TV entry. Congratulations,
    you are one of the 1000 consumers to receive a coupon for a 16 oz.
    Coffee-mate liquid or powder! Expect your coupon to arrive in a few short

    Thank you for visiting us online!

    Your friends at Coffee-mate!

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    We have our 1000 entries! Thank you! Now you can visit, the web site for Coffee's Perfect Mate!

    Looks to me like abc and their pop-ups strike again because I never got my tru gc.

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    Jeamme Guest
    i never got my toys r us gift card either

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    i got the same thing and i also did not recieve my tru gc

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    Jeamme Guest
    sorry the coffee mate is over,it was for the first 1000

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    Jeamme Guest
    as for as the toys r us cards,some did recieve them,some did might try e-mailing the company that was giving them away.

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    Thumbs down Me too

    I was told I was one of the first for the creamer and was told I'd get the Toys R Us GC, and I didn't get either. Sad, but not worth my time to waste chasing them down. I'd rather chase more freebees.....

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