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Thread: Still need to do PROM hack?

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    Still need to do PROM hack?

    I found a TiVo at a Goodwill store today for $15. Thinking "Oh neat, I've always kinda wanted one of these." No cables, no remote. Being the geek I am I decided to buy it anyways to make some sort of media center. When i got home I started googling how to run custom kernels and what-not on the box, since I read it was basically a linux comp. Now all the posts are from 2004-2009, and I'm looking for something not-archived or 404'd. Do I still need to do the PROM hardware mod, or is there an easier way?

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    Havn't even plugged it in any further than seeing the lights turn on.

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    Yep. You need a PROM replacement to get it to run any unsigned code.

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    EDIT: oh wait n/m yeah need a prom mod there.
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