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Thread: Just bought new T60 - have questions...

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    Just bought new T60 - have questions...

    Hi all. First off, I would like to say that I have been reading this forum for the past few weeks and all I can say is WOW! You guys rock. I have learned so much here that I actually have accumulated a pile of notes - Word docs actually, hehe. Anyway, my T60 should be arriving mid next week and although I have been into the DirecTV scene for two and half years now, I'm new to the Tivo scene. Here are a few of my questions.

    1. Do the T60's still come with access cards?
    2. When I call to activate the DirecTV receiver part, will they make also activate the Tivo portion?
    3. Can I use the Tivo part as just a normal PVR without the guide updates?
    4. Is it true that the guide updates come through the dish itself instead of the phone line in the DirecTivo unit?

    I have downloaded the T60 2.5xtreme image and plan on using it in the future but education of this entire is paramount to me and first I need to read, read, read. I'm an IT guy for the past 14 years so I don't foresee any issues on my skills - it's just he actual Linux work I need to brush up on.

    Thanks again to all who contribute here. Keep up the great work. I plan on being a contibuting memeber as soon as I gain the needed experience and skills. Hopefully, not too long from now.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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    Welcome to the DTiVo Scene

    As far as I know all the DTiVo's are still coming with access cards.

    When I called, I gave the card info and the SN of the reciever (mine is a phillips). I told them I was not intrested in signing up with the TiVo services (seperate number) just then, I wanted to see if I liked the services first since it has a seven day trial period. I told them I would call them back some time in the future if I was intrested.

    The DTiVo is very intigrated with DTV you can not record from any other source other than the satelite.

    If it is hooked to the satelite you will get guide info.

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    Thanks for the info.

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