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Thread: S3 TiVo HD recorded (extractable) video format?

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    S3 TiVo HD recorded (extractable) video format?

    I am not sure if this should be here or in the insertion and extraction forum, so my apology if I'm in the wrong place.....

    I hacked a S2DTiVo (HDVR2) years ago and have loved it. But, I'd now like to get this type of solution with HD content (would be Comcast if I do it).

    I've researched enough to know I need a S3, not a S4, understand the implications of NoCSO and CCI for TTG and MRV, etc. and am not worried about performing the PROM hack.

    The one thing I cannot find a definitive answer on after lots of searching is the recorded (and thus extractable) video resolution(s).

    I know that everything my HDVR2 records off the dish comes down in 480x480 interlaced and is in that same format when extracted through TWP or mfs_ftp.

    The specs on the S3 unit says it cannot support 1080p output. I am doubting that Comcast sends out multiple streams for all content and guess they would generally have to go with the greatest resolution (1080p for the S4 units and their own DVRs). But, this is only a guess.

    What is actually sent over the cable and what does the S3 unit actually record? 720p, 1080i, or actually 1080p, but that it cannot output?

    How much does comcast change the stream by channel and program? (am assuming 1080p content likely rare, just like on DirecTV)

    The key questions are:

    What do most programs come out as when extracted?

    What happens with 1080p content WRT recording and extraction?

    thanks in advance....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghuff View Post

    What happens with 1080p content WRT recording and extraction?

    thanks in advance....
    As far as I know, Comcast doesn't broadcast anything in 1080p. It's all either 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i mpeg2. Some satellite broadcasts may be mp4 at 1080p24.

    The tivo does not transcode, so it stores on disk whatever format was broadcast.

    Here's a reference for comcast: link.
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    To my nearly certain knowledge, no CATV system broadcasts 1080p anything. First of all, their equipment isn't designed to handle it. They would have to replace all their DVRs, STBs, and QAM modulators. You're taking $Billions for a large MSO, many $Millions for a small one. Secondly, 1080p would eat up an entire QAM, where now they can broadcast two 1080i and one 480i video or one 1080i video and six 480i videos per QAM.

    It's not going to happen until the CATV companies start broadcasting MPEG IV, and that is going to be a very long time.
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