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Thread: Force Garbage Collection & Guide Indexing

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    This MIGHT be a power supply problem. When you have the case open take a look at the capacitors in the power supply , looking for any that have bulging tops.

    Background: I have several DirecTV HD DVRs. Last summer I noticed the oldest one was stuttering on playback. Several years earlier I'd upgraded it to a 1 Terabyte drive. My first idea was that the replacement drive was getting flakey; since it was full I replaced it with a 2 Terabyte drive. When I ran advanced diagnostics on the 1 Tbyte drive it passed with flying colors, so I put it in service in a non-critical computer. A few months later the 2 Terabyte replacement drive began exhibiting the same problem, eventually refusing to even complete the startup process. When I pulled the drive it failed diagnostics. As I was reinstalling the original drive I realized that several low voltage caps in the power supply area (the design has the power supply on the main board) were bulging on top. Rather than risk the original drive, I left the DVR out of service until I could replace the caps; it's been working perfectly with a new 2 Terabyte drive for the last six months. When I tested the bulging caps they were definitely bad - the capacitance was much lower than specs and the ESR was much higher. These caps filtered the power for the drive (as well as other areas), 'noisey' power to the drive caused read errors.

    After returning the first 2 Terabyte drive for replacement I learned some bitter news. When a drive has problems reading a sector it marks it as bad and maps in another sector as a replacement. When the bad sector map is full it will report itself as bad. There are utilities that will purge the bad sector map and allow normal operation. If I had done that I could have recovered all my original recordings.

    There's a difference between needing help, and just being plain ole' lazy.

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    I'm posting this in all the threads related to Guided Setup loops as I have not seen this advice anywhere on the nets:

    How to get out of Guided Setup:
    1. Prerequisite--have to have either a serial cable connection to get a shell or a telnet connection to get a shell on the TiVo--there are plenty of resources to show how to do these options elsewhere.
    2. disconnect the Tuning Adapter and unplug all cable cards
    3. let the TiVo boot up to the Guided Setup entry page, but don't click select with the remote
    4. telnet in to the TiVo (or access through the serial link
    5. type (without quotes):
    dbgc-mcp -fg-gc
    this initiates a garbage collection, and since the Tuning Adapter and CableCards are not connected, it does not distract the TiVo from completing GC

    6. WAIT for this command to complete. Took mine several hours
    7. once dbgc-mcp has completed, go through Guided Setup and it should now complete

    Notes: I was having trouble getting fakecall.tcl to work in ran fine from the command prompt, but did not bypass the guided setup for me, so perhaps I wasn't doing something right there. Nevertheless, fakecall.tcl is still called from my file, but it was having no effect, so I don't think it played any role in the solution above.

    I welcome comments back. This fix does not correct the S03 problem itself, just gets you past the Guided Setup loop. It has been 3.5 years since I had the S03 problem, so now am retracing my steps. My solution at that time was to increase swap space to 2GB, so I think that fended off the problem for a long time.
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