This is an oddball. Whenever I transfer a STZHD recording from the Tivo to my PC (using TTG), the last 500 MB of the file do not transfer (meaning the last part of the movie does not transfer). When I check the file on the Tivo, it is all there and plays just fine. Example, transferring "Apocalypto", the file size is approximately 15.2 GB on the Tivo. After transferring to PC it is 14.7 GB and the end of the movie is not there. What did transfer, plays fine on the PC. As I mentioned, the file plays fine on the Tivo and the whole thing is there. This only happens on STZHD transfers. All other transfers result in the entire file being transferred successfully. I have done the transfer 2-3 times, with the same result. If anyone has an idea of what is going on, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance.