I thought I had asked something along these lines here or on the mfslive forum about a year or 2 ago when I was even less prepared to understand the answer, and it turns out I asked on TCF about this time last year


but didn't really get the level of detail I wanted, so....

The TiVo has 2 places to keep stuff, partitions 2-9, and the MFS pairs (and lately an additional single MFS partition).

I know the TiVo Service Number, in addition to being on the sticker on the back where the power cord plugs in, is stored in the Atmel crypto chip*, but I'm assuming it's also on the hard drive somewhere so that you don't get error 51.

So, where does TiVo keep that and all the other stuff that makes your TiVo your TiVo, the stuff that would be different on the same model owned by someone else across the country, stuff like zip code, cable company, dial in number you selected, network info like wireless network name and password, fixed IP if you gave it one, Season Passes and Wish Lists, cable card pairings, which channels you want displayed in the guide, and all of that other stuff unique to that particular TiVo?

Is it all in the MFS partitions? Is it all in partition 10? Is it all somewhere in 2 through 9? Is some of it in 2-9 and some of it in the MFS partitions?

Much gratitude in advance for any knowledge and wisdom you can pass along on this topic.

*Let's just say learning about that involved a magnifying glass and low melting point alloy