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Thread: Extracting and Inserting Slices

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    Extracting and Inserting Slices

    I installed my stock drive. It is hacked with OS 9.2a. I just got the 11.0k download and it is ready to be installed.

    How can extract the slices that are pending install AND how can I insert them into the alternate partitions on my 2TB drive? I am hoping to do a fresh install on my 2TB drive in an attempt to stop the reboots every 20 to 30 minutes so I am hoping I can take the slices from my stock drive, insert them in my 2TB then run my upgrade script as if I just got new files pending an OS upgrade.

    Reading it seems like the files go to /var/packages but I looked there and it is empty so I need to know where they go from there? Can I just mount the drive in debian and see the files on the alternate root directory?

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    You can't really extract the slices after they've been imported into MFS. If the Otclient log file hasn't been overwritten on your stock drive yet you can get the URLs to download the slices directly from Tivo's servers from it though. The problem there is that the swsystem slice is encrypted & you need to decrypt it on the Tivo you downloaded it to (which has to be hacked). The process isn't extremely complicated but it's too involved for me to describe here. (I posted details about the process here.)

    But they're already in MFS on your hacked drive anyway - all you need to do is start an emergency reinstall. You can do that via the kickstart method (described here) or by telnetting into the Tivo and running:
    tivosh /tvbin/installSw.itcl 11.0k-01-2-652
    That said, I don't think any of this will solve your immediate problem. Random (and not-so-random) reboots aren't typically solved by reinstalling the Tivo software unless you did something to royally screw up the software in the first place. In your case, I'm betting it's the SP's that keep getting downloaded from Tivo's server. (I also had an issue with reboots being caused by a USB network dongle on one of my S2s. But since the HD has a built-in NIC and there's no need to use back-ported drivers for it, you probably won't run into that particular problem either.)

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