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Thread: Replacing corrupted Tivo Series 2 Opening Animation

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    Replacing corrupted Tivo Series 2 Opening Animation

    Quick question from a Tivo Hacking newb. Is it possible to replace the Opening Animation? Mine got corrupted a while back from a bad hard drive. I was able to replace the drive and everything else works fine but since then the opening animation stutters in two spots. Is there a way to get a copy of the video somewhere and then copy it back to the TIVO to replace the corrupted one? It doesn't effect the use of the machine but being in IT it just is annoying to me every time I watch it.

    The only other way I can figure to fix it would be to restore the tivo back to an original image before it got corrupted but I don't have a copy of the Sony SVR-3000 image before the corruption. I wasn't able to find anyone with one as well so someone suggested comming here and asking the experts if there was a way to replace the video directly.

    This is the video it would normally play

    Thanks for any Advice you can give.

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    The file responsible is one of a number of loopsets stored in the mfs database. Replacing the loopset is theoretically possible, although I have only a vague idea of how to do it.

    One approach is based on the possibility that the SVR-3000 will run the same software as the TCD240xx systems (but uses a different remote). In that case, load TCD240xx software on a spare drive, insert it into the SVR3000, extract and save the loopsets, return the current drive to the SVR3000, delete the current loopsets and insert the ones from the TCD240xx. It may also be necessary to reset links; as I noted above, the details are beyond my current skill set.

    Possibly an easier approach would be to replace the files that set remote codes. I suspect that has been discussed for other Sony TiVos and DirecTiVos.

    However, the easiest path would be to obtain the proper instantcake image from DVRupgrade.

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