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Thread: hdvr2 reboot taking days

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    Well, that was a real "duh" moment....shoulda thought of compressing it myself . Thanks, that gave me some breathing room.

    We've got all 4 DTivos upgraded to 6.4, and MovieLoader up and running on the always-up linux machine. I have the ty-enabled ffmpeg available on this machine, and grabbed the script from around here. All I have to do is script it up in some fashion, and it looks like we'll have MRV and tivoserver all replaced as well.

    Many thanks to crashHD, PlainBill, and all who struggled with this before us.

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    You mentioned DHCP earlier...
    For unrelated reasons, I needed to temporarily make it work on my 6.4a boxes. It requires the 7.2.2 killhdinitrd kernel, and to replace two files that are missing (/sbin/dhclient and /etc/dhclient-script). Those files are missing in 6.4a, and 6.3f. You have to get them from an old 6.3e system.
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    I found those files on my 4.x file system and copied them over. And I chose to use the 7.2.2 kill'd kernel....I'm pretty sure it was because I saw somewhere that it was required for DHCP. Either that, or I know it will be a loooong time before any more upgrades occur, so I should start out with the newest possible

    I also added:
    # start up dhclient                                                             
    dhclient -lf /var/state/dhcp/dhclient.leases -pf /var/state/dhcp/ eth0
    to my file. And made sure that my DHCP server had static IP assignments for the MACs for each tivo.

    <knocking wood> So far so good </knocking wood>

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