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Thread: How to get recordings off a flaky HR10-250

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    How to get recordings off a flaky HR10-250

    One of my two working HR10-250's started acting up and then started throwing the "overheating" message. After some checking I figured it was probably the power supply and tried replacing the two suspect capacitors. I did this on two of the suspect power supplies I had laying around so that I'd have a second one to try. I'm still getting this message and even after swapping some parts around from other boxes and also trying a fresh drive, I'm still unable to get it fully working. I do have one good HR10-250 but untill I get everything watched off of it I don't want to risk messing with it or using parts from it to test with. I've decided I'm ditching DTV and getting a couple Tivo Premiere's (back to cable) so now I'd just like to know if there is a way to salvage the recordings from the dead HR10. FYI, I put the drive in a PC and used the seagate tools CD to check it for errors and it came back clean.

    The Tivo was previously hacked, patched, encryption turned off, and MFS_FTP enabled. Right before it stopped working though it also stopped being accessable via network.

    Is there any updates or still aplicable information about extracting directly from disk? I peeked at the thread but it'd been so long since it was updated I wasn't sure if everthing still applied. It also looked like some of the links to the needed tools were dead.

    Is it possible that since its been patched and encryption turned off that there is a way to put the drive in my working HR10-250 (after I've wated everything on it of course) and play or extract the shows from there? I haven't even tried putting the disk in the other Tivo yet since I didn't want to risk with the working tivo or causing the disk to be unusable but whatever a tivo does when you put a foreign drive in it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I believe that the direct extraction thread (link: here) should still be valid.

    That said, I can't recall if I've ever directly extracted myself.

    In answer to your other question, given that the dead unit was hacked with video encryption disabled, you should be able to drop the drive into a working HR10-250 unit, and have it boot. The unit will display the Hardware Error 51, but all your hacked should start, and thus I believe that MFS_FTP should work (even before clearing the "Error 51").

    If the videos on that drive are truly high-value to you, then you could always copy the image to a spare drive, and attempt to boot that. That seems like a lot of work to me, and from recollection, I don't think that anything bad will happen to the drive in the working unit.

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    Awesome, thanks for the info! I would have coppied the drive before trying it if I had spare drive that size or larger laying around. Since I don't and the recordings aren't really hi value (I don't think) then I might just try popping it into the other Tivo. That last hurdle is going to be getting the hacks working again. Something had happened to make me no longer able to reach the Tivo via telnet or mfsftp a few days before it stopped booting (I vaguely remember something about that happening when the primary partition crashed and it failed over to the backup but its been years since I had to re-hack it). I tried to re-do everything while I had the drive out so we'll see if it doesn't cause other problems. Thanks again!

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