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Thread: How do I search for a string of digits?

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    How do I search for a string of digits?

    I'm embarrassed to have to ask this question, but here goes: In the time since I was last active on this forum, the software running it has changed. Under the new software, I can't figure out how to search for a string of most digits (like 6.4a or 7.2.2). Whenever I try to search for such a string, the system tells me no hits were found, which is clearly wrong.

    I'm guessing that the system is quietly rejecting the query as ill-formed. How do I tell it I really mean it?

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    I don't think that vBulletin supports special characters (like ".") in a search string. See this.

    You may just want to use google, adding in "" to list only links from dealdatabase.

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