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Thread: Transfer Speed Issues

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    Transfer Speed Issues

    I've got two promed TivoHD's. For the last few months they've worked well. Extracting off either with tyftpd yielded speeds around 2.5MB/s. As of about a week ago, though, one of them dropped to about 800K/s both when pulling from tyftpd and when doing tivo-to-tivo transfers. In the case of the latter it is slow enough that it is not even fast enough to keep up with real-time watching.

    Obviously, the first question I have is to see if anyone has any suggestions what might be causing the sudden drop in speed from the one box. I've tried swapping cables, switches, etc. and none of those appear to be the culprit. I can swap the two machines (they're on different switches) and I see the same behavior. The fast one stays fast and the slow stays slow. Looking at the load on both machines they both average well over 3.0. That would normally be a red flag for me, but seeing as both machines exhibit this I'd say it's safe to say this isn't unusual. I also suspected the hard drive might be failing, however, after running smart tests (tivo kickstart 54) it passed without issue. I also don't have a problem recording two shows at once so the problem would appear to be isolated just to network transfers.

    The second is that in investigating the slow speed issue it would seem that even 2.5MB/s is slower than I should be seeing or at least it's possible, with a gige usb adapter to achieve faster speeds. In going down this path there's plenty of mention of needing some back ported drivers, but I have yet to find a link to those nor to a list of compatible or recommended adapters. Any suggestions on that front I'd be grateful for.

    Current setup is:
    Custom Kernel found here.
    Disabled iptables.
    tyftpd-20120729 (since tivo-to-tivo transfers also have a problem this can be ruled out)
    tvapppatch for 11.0k

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    Have you done tivo-to-tivo and tivo-to-pc testing with netperf? It might give you a clue whether the problem is the network, or something else.

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    I hadn't tried using netperf, but in doing so it did end up narrowing down the cause. The one scenario I hadn't tested was the specific port the tivo was hooked up to. It turned out that it the speed issue was isolated to just the one port on the switch. A reboot of the switch has solved the problem for now and the tivo is back in the 2.5MB/s range so I guess I can chalk this issue up to some weird glitch with that switch. Seems to me like this is a good excuse to invest in some better networking equipment.

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