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Thread: What happens after PROM modification?

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    What happens after PROM modification?


    I would like to get my Tivo Series 3 hacked, I know that I need to get a PROM Modification in order to do any type of hacking. But what I don't understand is what to do after the new PROM has been installed?

    I have spent a few hours reading on the forums about the software aspect of TIVO hacking and I have been getting very confused. I don't know what the "ABCs" are in software TIVO hacking and I was wondering if there is anywhere or anyone who could give me the basics of how I can acess the TIVO software after the hack has been made, and what the basic software hacks that have been mentioned on this forum such as MFS live CD and TTG exactly do?

    I have read the postings by Beuchel (the ones geared towards newbies on Tivo Hacking) but I still am having a hard time understanding what exactly I do after the Tivo PROM mod has been made. Ultimately, my goal is to get around the CCI encryption, but I realise I'm a long way away from that, at this point, any elementray explanations on Tivo software and how it works is much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    There are dozens of relevant posts (among the hundreds). They are typically a mix of theory and specific steps. Those specifics get outdated. The most valuable reading is the theory. Cut & paste from all the posts; read that hodge-podge over and over, take notes. Develop your own concept of the overall approach to what is going on (really pretty simple when you cut through it). Then, look specifically at the most recent posts that describe specific steps. They should now make a lot more sense and, even if there has been a very recent system upgrade, you should see a clear path ahead. You may need to wait for some patches from our betters but you will know what you need and why.

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    It's gotten easier than that. Follow the link in my signature. Read the first few pages of the thread, and then jump to the post in the link and look over the scripts.
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