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Thread: Questions about uploading video to a TiVo HD

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    Questions about uploading video to a TiVo HD

    What exactly do I need to load video onto a TiVo HD? Do the files just need to be .mpeg and then upload them through TiVoDesktop? I have never used the upload feature on a TiVo before.

    I have an old hacked TiVo that has some recordings I would like to keep. Would there be anything wrong with downloading them to my computer via TyTool as .mpeg and then just uploading them to the new TiVo?

    Can anyone set me straight if that is not correct?

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    Take a look in the extraction forum. I posted a similar question a few months ago and TySuiteJ was suggested.

    Tytotivo might also work.

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    They don't need to be MPEG2 I just uploaded an mpg4 video 180megs in about 5 minutes and it played just fine. I don't even think it did any trans coding as it went way too fast. It takes for ever to trans code a tivo file to play on my iPod.
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    I definitely do not recommend TiVoDeskTop. For serving to the TiVo from the PC, pyTivo is a far, far better solution. PyTivo will, if necessary, transcode the video on the fly, so one can if one chooses leave the video on the server in whatever coding and muxing one likes. That said, if the file must be completely recoded, then it is going to take a lot of CPU cycles to do it. Unless the PC's CPU is quite powerful, depending on the coding the file may not transfer in real time. Pulling videos - done from the Now Playing List on the TiVo (My Shows on the Premiere) - can only transfer MPEG-II files natively. Pushing the files - done from a web browser or from vidmgr on the TiVo, however can natively transfer either MPEG-II files or h.264 files in a .mp4 container. In fact, on the THD, pushing h.264/MP4 files results in a 4x increase in speed or more, especially for 720p material. A 22 minute episode of Frasier broadcast in 720p takes about 28 minutes to transfer to a THD if it is encoded and muxed as MPEG-II. After recoding to h.264/MP4 with VideoRedo, the resulting file is about 30% smaller than the original, and transfers via push to the THD in less than 7 minutes.
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