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Thread: Public key and kernel signing

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    Public key and kernel signing

    I have been doing some testing. I think I can produce 1.4M elgamal public/private key pairs a day with some computers at work. I know that is not very many, but the hope is that I can produce a pair that has the same public key that contained in the S3 prom used to verify that the kernel is signed. If I can produce such a key pair we can use the private key to sign kernels and the world is our play ground. I know very much that this is a long shot, but I have the CPU cycles, and I am willing to try.

    What I need is a copy of the public key. I need to examine it and find out its bit length, and use it to compare to the keys I am creating.

    Who knows what about the public key?

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    You might post this in the Series 4 (Premier) development section. I think hackers have accepted the PROM as the way to hack a S3 unit. AFAIK there isn't any hack available for the S4. You may see more interest in that section.

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