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Thread: Segmentation fault with MFS Live

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    Segmentation fault with MFS Live

    I encountered this error when trying to swap a 2TB for a 1TB HDD in a "HD" (model 652):

    backup[941]: segfault at c ip 0804DC82 sp bfb29508 error 4 in backup[8048000+ c001]

    restore failed: -:success

    segmentation fault
    I'm using MFS V1.4 The drive being imaged is a 2TB taken out of a model 652 (HD). The destination HDD is a 1TB HDD which was never installed.
    I have done this before (successfully) with the same boot CD. From what I have read on this, it seems it's something that happens inside the O/S, not from a boot CD. Does the source or the destination drive have anything to do with this?
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    You are trying to place a 2T image on a 1T drive? I'm not surprised at the segfault. A segmentation faulty is an attempt to access an invalid memory location. My guess is the OS is trying to access a location beyond the end of the 1T drive. That, or does MFS_Live support 2T drives? I know it is a pretty old kernel. I truly don't know how you could have ever been successful imaging a 1T drive from a 2T drive, unless the 2T drive was only half used.
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