This is driving me crazy! I have three series 3 tivo's (one oLed and two XL) that the VOD and Netflix menus will not load, it just gives me a fast "please wait" and cycles back to the last menu I was on. (the app is not loading). This started out looking like a 11.0k problem as I was able to upgrade to 11.0m and got it back on two of the tivo's but after a few days one quit again! I rehacked the drive after the 11.0m upgrade so when it quit again I just did the KS52 and let it reload the factory software and again VOD worked for 3 days!!! Again I did KS52 and it's working for now but I don't expect it to work for long. The other two tivos, one is currently working with 11.0m (hacked) for several weeks but it has no cable service, I don't know if that has something to do with it but I do keep it online and use it with MRV with the other tivos. The oLed is still on 11.0k, I have not fooled with it, it worked for almost a year and just stopped (vod). I have a 4th (XL) hacked 11.0m and it works fine for over a month now.

Can't someone out there put some light on this, something I can look for? When the unhacked software started screwing up that really threw me off, should I call tivo on that one??

Thankx for any help someone can provide,