I have a problem, my cable company has decided to implement copy-once protection on nearly every channel except for the locals. As a result, I can't use a cablecard tuner to stream the content in the way I'd like.

No, I'm not looking to pirate record their stuff and sell it. Hell, if I wanted DRM-free programing I could just get it off Bit-Torrent. What I would like to do is have a network tuner that I can access from my computer (using whatever software I choose) or from my smartphone. I'd like to be able to transcode the content, so I could play it on my phone without wasting bandwidth. I'd like to archive the programs I really want to keep.

If the cable company did not have CCI set to copy once, I could happily buy an HD Homerun Prime and all would be good. But since they do, I am severely limited and forced to use WMC (ew! nasty!) as the only viewing platform!

Granted I *could* still do this by using a cable box, IR blaster and an HD capture PVR. I might end up doing that, but it's a clunky and inelegant way of doing it. Plus, you only get a single tuner to work with and there is loss due to capture and transcoding.

So... what about using a TIVO series 3 as a network tuner (DLNA or otherwise) that I could use as a TV tuner on my pc or smartphone or tablet?

I understand the PROM modification can be used to circumvent the CCI copy protection, at least for transfers, but what about as a live tuner?

I happen to have a TIVO series 3 I am not currently using. And yes, I know how to solder.

(and again: Not looking to steal content. Just a better way than using horrible DRM-complient software or the analog hole method)