I am hoping to have a discussion, spur development, or have somebody point me to a tool that can be used to transfer all recordings from one drive to another drive that is to be used in the same TiVo.

I have not examined all the tools available to transfer recordings, but most of the ones I have looked at can only transfer non copy protected recordings. Those copy protected recordings are locked to that particular TiVo.

Since you can place a larger drive in a Series 5 TiVo and it will automatically format the drive for use, it would be nice to be able to transfer all the recordings from the smaller original drive to the larger drive. Those recordings would still be locked to that particular TiVo but now on the larger drive and you have not lost anything by upgrading the space on your TiVo.

Current methods, which, as of this time, are not available for the Series 5, essentially copies the original drive to the new drive and then adds a partition or two (depending on the utility being used) in order to keep your recordings and have additional space.

There seems to be a lot of people upgrading their Series 5 based on the posts I see on other forums so a tool like this would definitely be very useful.