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Thread: updating over PPP

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    updating over PPP

    need help

    ok I have the tivo hooked to my winxp computer thats hook to my network can ppp,telnet.bash.Could never get to connect the the win98 box so switch to winxp connected right up as Tivo and the IP I gave it in ppp-options.cua3.but with all the editing trying to get it to connect to the win98 box and switching back and forth(win98-winxp-win98-winxp)think I screwed up somthing cause it use to say housekeeping then dialing(would fail but tryed) when forceing a call now it says starting up for about 45 seconds then failed unknown error.
    I even went back took out the edits to TClient-lib.itcl to try to get it back to normal and it still says failed unknown error.

    Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

    Really appreciate any help the modem died and I'm out of guide data


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    sorry wrong forum

    Sorry thought I was in Tivo hacks

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