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Thread: what did I do wrong with kraven

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    what did I do wrong with kraven

    I did the following:

    bash-2.02# rm -rf /var/hack
    bash-2.02# rm /bin/joe /bin/joerc
    bash-2.02# gzip -d upgrade.tar.gz

    gzip: upgrade.tar.gz: unexpected end of file
    bash-2.02# gzip -d upgrade.tar.gz

    Any suggestions, I am using tera term pro to transfer file.

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    Either it's getting corrupt in the transfer (slow down to 57600 if you're at 115200), or when you downloaded it got corrupt (download it again) or it's corrupt on the site you downloaded from (get it from another source).

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    will try

    Have speed set at 57600 and have up loaded it again.

    This time got to next step but recieved:

    cpio -i -H tar -d -F upgrade.tar
    cpio: etc/SubTest not created: newer or same age version exists
    12230 blocks.

    I will delet all files that dont get over ridden........
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