Hi I'm an olddude but a newbie at all this. I'm preparing to do a backup and install on a dsr6000 and I've gotten the instructions from Hinsdale but my problem is I don't know anything about Linux and I don't know how to create a bootable cd. What I tried was using nero and I copied the iso from Kazymyrs latest boot cd image. I followed all the instructions and also tried different master/ slave combinations and made sure my bios was looking for the cd as a bootable device but everything I did had no affect and I would just boot into my normal windows system. I am running windows ME with an AMD processor with raid on the motherboard. (I am not using the raid function). Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or how a bootable cd is supposed to work.
I've been a mainframer for years and have been into pc's for a couple of years. My son got me interested in this stuff and I've been having a ball cruising around learning all this stuff. Any help would be appreciated for this 'slow' guy