I've been a wallflower for a while and have found absolutely EVERYTHING I've needed in this forum to get my DTivo up and working almost flawlessly (occassional random reboot loops, but I'm not complaining... disconnecting the sat feeds during bootup seems to clear it up). Many thanks to the hard work, patience and generosity of Surgeon, the admins and everyone else that have reported their success and instructions.

Alas, I'm finally posting a question because my eyes hurt and I just can't seem to find enough info on whether or not it may be possible to dump down the program guide from a DTivo to a SA (either ppp or TivoNet). I see many posts regarding PPV slice files for PPV or locals, but is it feasible to just replicate the entire db from one to another... or perhaps with an intermediate box to massage the data to make it consumable by the SA db? In other words, fetch the daily updates received by the DTivo with the SA. Of course anything's technically possible, but what would be the level of sophistication to tackle this? Forgive me if I've missed a thread that may have addressed this; feels like I've read damn nearly everyone by now.