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Thread: emu & tivo

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    Question emu & tivo

    I have just purchased a Sony SVR2000 standalone Tivo unit and I am running dss w/ emu. I have not opened the box yet & I am not interested in hacking the Tivo unit. Does anyone know if I pay for the Tivo service & connect the phone line, will I have any problems recording from the emu dss? Or should I return it for a DTV/Tivo combo unit and can this be set it up for emu?
    Thanks for your help.

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    I would return the unit! You can purchase the Dtivo for $399. Sony currently has a 200 mail in rebate. So it makes it the same price as the stand alone. They do offer a 100 rebate on the stand alone as well through the end of Jan 02. The Dtivo is hackable so that you do not have to pay for a subscription to which makes it really nice when you are using a EMU setup. I wouldn't hook up my emu to something that reports to Tivo via a phone line. Might get in a little bit of trouble that way.

    Good Luck

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