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Thread: good 2.5xtreme image

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    good 2.5xtreme image

    can someone post me a site where the lastest 2.5xtreme is?
    i thnk mine may be corrupted.
    every image I burn and whatever computer I try it on, teh script breaks when dd'n mfsadd into the partition...
    script errors and whatnot and on different 40gb drives

    dsr6k is what i got

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    You can get a decent image here

    But before you do that, are you sure its the image? How much memory in the machine you are running 25xtreme in?

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    I downloaded the images from via FTP and HTTP. I was unable to boot from the one I got from the ftp sites but was able to boot from the image from the http site!

    Although, I was able to boot from the image file from the ftp site on another computer. Doesn't make much sense but try both ISO's.


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