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    Arrow Comments made in ADH....

    Intek and TripleC over in Alt.dss.hack have been making some interesting remarks about the xtreme hack...

    If Surgeon, Glitch or Boyce happen to read this I'd be interested in their comments and response... Or anyone else for that matter... What are the other two bad bugs?? and is there a good work around for the disappearing hack folder... Or at least a way to clear the logs periodically...

    The comments are in the thread "DTV/TiVo hack?"

    Depends on how reliable you want the hack to be...

    There are at least 3 bad bugs in the 25Extreme software that will cause you
    problems soon. I discovered 1 on my own (where the hack folder disappears
    for no reason), and 2 others were shown to me on the condition that I did
    not expose them in public.

    As far as the hack folder deleting itself, I see that it is starting to
    happen to some people...
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