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Thread: Use T60 on Hughes

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    19 Use T60 on Hughes

    Can I put the T60 xtreme on a Hughes GCXEBOT box? I want to be able to use the VCR control feature that works with the T60. I know that I will need to purchase a T60 remote which is oK.

    What are the IR blaster cables that came with my Hughes used for if not to control the VCR.


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    I loaded the T-60 25xtreme on the Hughs, but now you have to use a sony remote the hughs remote will not work. So you will have a sony T-60 in a Hughs box.

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    Apparently only the Sony software version has the sync to VCR feature. I just checked both DRS6000 and T60, and the DSR6000 (same as Hughes) doesn't have the setup menu item for VCR setup. If you use the T60 image on a DSR6000 or Hughes, the VCR setup should be there and all the units have the IR port on the back, so it should work. At least the IR blaster is included with all DTiVos. This is, I believe, because all DTiVos come with the same cable package.

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