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Thread: Dolby Digital and drive space?

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    Dolby Digital and drive space?

    Does anyone have any idea how much hard disk space a movie takes up that is recorded with DD 5.1? I have 110 gb total disk space and have recorded 5 or 6 movies with DD sound and with the shows about to record on my "to do list", my hard drives are already full. I know the amount of action in the movie will also effect how much it is compressed and therefore how much space it takes up, but I am just looking for a basic idea of how much the DD adds. Does it double the recording space? triple? Any ideas?

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    It's gotta be alot because I've seen similar results. I dropped a 60GB in my t60 and it reports 86 hours now. However, I put 2- 5.1 movies on the thing and it reports as full with 55 hours on the drive (added manually).

    I wish I had known this when I was picking out a drive for it. I mean it makes sense to me but it's not something you think of when setting these things up. (Add to the FAQ anyone?)


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    I didn't even think it was possible to record a show in Dolby Digital. I have a GXECBOT and I record a movie with Dolby Digital, however, when I played it back, it played back in Dolby surround only. What gives? Is there something special I have to do to get it to record in Dolby Digital? Thanks.


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    Yes, you can record a show in dolby digital. You need to set your machine to do it, though. Under tivo options/audio there is an option to record/playback in dolby digital. Make sure you have set that option correctly.

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