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Thread: Cabling a dual LNB system

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    Cabling a dual LNB system

    I just bought a DirecTivo recently to replace my current system of a SA tivo + an RCA 5th Gen IRD. I only have one cable running from my dish currently and I'm looking to hook up the other LNB. Is there a special dual-coax cable I should use or did most of you just run two independant cables?


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    Just run another cable. There is no special cable that you will get any benefits from. Just make sure you use RG-6 Cable.

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    you'll need two cables to use the two tuner feature of a directivo. If you continue to use the RCA you will need a multiswitch to send two cables to directivo and one to the RCA

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    You may want to read this thread

    There are dual RG-6 cables called "Siamese" which are easily found at online dealers who sell cables. This may simplify your cable pulling. This is a dual RG-6 cable which can be split into two seperate cables at the appropriate location.

    Second you may want to peruse this thread about splitting LNB signals.

    Hope this helps:

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