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Thread: Bash over Ir?

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    Bash over Ir?

    I am just wondering, would it be at all possible to set up an infrared link between a PCs Ir port and the Ir port on the back of a directivo unit? Sounds like a quick, easy, and cheap way to get a 4mbit link to the tivo box if it is possible, assuming that the Ir port on the tivo is at all similar to those commonly found in laptops or PDAs.

    Ideas anyone?

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    You would lose the use of the remote.


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    Allright, I know this would be crazy, buy couldn't you control your TiVo from a bash prompt? In that case, couldn't you program a Pronto to send the entire string to make it work, and yet still have the bash over IR?

    Twisted, huh?

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